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17 Jul 2007 1,249 views
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From our Jewellery shoot on Sunday, we would love to show some of the imagery that may be used in the magazine but unfortunately we can't.

This is a fun shot of the lovely Nicola taken while the next set of shots was being lined up. We liked it so much cause of her chiselled movie star looks here (& yes we have a copy in B&W/Sepia & yes it does look awesome) LOL Funny thing is this may now actually be one of our favourite shots of the shoot that it may be used in the advertorial for the jewellery, weird thing this photoghraphy business.


Please do not assume each and every shot posted up has been taken by Suby, Images we post up are all taken by S/S (Suby OR Sinem). As to which is anyones guess....

Please do keep the critiques or praises coming to us both.


Anyone looking for the services of Suby & Sinem as Photographers, you know what to do...

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"Ars longa, vita Brevis"

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comments (18)

Nice image...shame about the background but as you say it was a fun shot.
Suby & Sinem: Thanks Jide,

Suby & Sinem
  • Kay
  • 17 Jul 2007, 05:16
Wonderful shot S/S! She almost looks unreal...her skin is perfect!
Suby & Sinem: She is an extremely beautiful model, thanks for the visit and comment Kay,

Suby & Sinem
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 17 Jul 2007, 07:44
I must say that the two of you are really leap years ahead in all this portrait/model business! No wonder your names/pics are getting out there in the magazines. Congratulations, S&S, S/S!!

Now, to be honest about this woman (not you!), as I see her here. She IS like a movie star in the sense of being untouchable, as so many are. Her "beauty" comes through as being only skin deep and therefore is not beautiful to me (this is, of course, only a static image, I realize). I am NOT in any way, shape or form drawn to this look. I keep it at arm's length. It's a look that looks down on me and walks all over me. She despises me. She has power over me. However, in saying that, I am very aware that this is what magazines are probably looking for! That kind of sassy appeal. But it doesn't appeal to me. You'll hear it loud and clear when one of your models "appeals" to me (as has already happened before)! Is this the difference between men and women??? smile
Suby & Sinem: Ginnie, you absolutely crack us up smile We can't wait to put up a model shot that is going to rock Ginnie's boat, ahhh, the search is on. We actually went for the cold, chiselled, how dare you look at me you punny human look here, after all, you veiwers are mere humans and she is a STAR LOL tongue

Suby & Sinem
intens look you managed to capture.
Suby & Sinem: Thanks Chantal, we are glad we pulled the look off :d

Suby & Sinem
Fantastic !!!
Suby & Sinem: Thanks Shakara,

Suby & Sinem
  • Fia
  • Sweden
  • 17 Jul 2007, 08:46
Really Hollywool-like smile
Suby & Sinem: Aaaaah, thanks, that was what we were looking to achieve, glad we managed it :d

Suby & Sinem
She's looking very cold and heartless,very movie like. Love the silky skin well taken S/S.
Suby & Sinem: Yup, she a "Movie Star" so she looking down at us puny human LOL :d

Suby & Sinem
As to the background it's ok by me as those are the only type of backgrounds that I get to use so nice one peeps. I also get Ginnies comment as I agree with her 100 % about the model and you would hear loud and clear from me if I liked a model but then you'd most likely call me a dirty old man smile How do you guys achieve those skin tones ? You said not to long agao that your using Photoshop less and less these days so is it down to the lens and your collective knowledge or has it been shopped so to speak.

And is that little mole next to her left eye real ?

Suby & Sinem: LOL Johnny, my oh my, do you have some sharp eyes smile No the mole was something added by the make-up artist. To achieve that skin tone either she has a great Plastic surgeon or some photoshop trickery has gone on in here, me thinks it's some photoshop trickery smile

Suby & Sinem
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 17 Jul 2007, 14:10
When I was young and beautiful I knew people like this one. (Now I am only beautiful grin) From them I learnt that it is lonely up there where you are looking down on the others. Loneliness easily lead to the kind of behaviour what the yellow mags like.

But yes the general look here is chiselled. Great pic and ready for the printers.
Suby & Sinem: Louis and the word beautiful in the same sentence, one does not see that often LOL tongue

Have a great SA day Louis,

Suby & Sinem
I'm assuming that she's not to be messed with!
Suby & Sinem: She is actually the sweetest model in the world smile She was putting on her I am a star face here

Beautiful portrait.. love the softness..
Suby & Sinem: Thanks Shazeen, glad you like

Suby & Sinem

Your name is soo coool, sounds like the name of a Super hero grin
what a great portrait shot!
Suby & Sinem: Thanks for the visit and comment Austriaka :d

Suby & Sinem
Wow! Beautiful portrait and splendid model!
Suby & Sinem: Thanks Claude, she is a beauty

Suby & Sinem
Please send the invoice for making my lady look so good. Also send me a big sized one so we can put it on the wall of our living room.
Suby & Sinem: Busola now that definitely cracked us up LOL smile Well send us your woman then...

Suby & Sinem
very nice, simply stunning.
Suby & Sinem: Aaawww, thanks Dotun :d

Suby & Sinem
  • Anne M
  • Planet earth
  • 21 Jul 2007, 14:42
FABB, FABB, and even more FABB. Like Tyra will say ... FIERCE

At first - thanks for a nice comment.

I must say that Im watching your photos from time to time - they are really interesting.
About this and few other shots - Im wondering why many photographers at post process make portraits so soft, I mean that skin of models is so soft? Is it problem of high noise (high ISO)? That is really striking "problem" for me tongue
Nicely done as usual !

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